Sat. Oct 24th, 2020

Modi’s plan is to an other Palestine

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By .Nisar Malik


I think that Modi’s and the right wing Hindus had hired Netanyahu as their chief consultant and the plan is to repeat another Palestine.

There is insurgency in Kashmir; and using sentimentalist and populist approaches Modi will likely win the elections. Then under the guise of counter terrorist activity, Modi will push the common people in Kashmiri villages and towns etc to move to enclaves closer to Pakistani borders. With mass refugees showing up at LOC, Pakistan would’ve no option but to let them in. Exactly what happened with Palestinians going into neighboring Arab countries.

Some internally displaced pockets of refugees will be built on borders with Pakistan New Gaza Strip in Kashmir. He would construct a so called security wall as is around Gaza and West Bank.

Modi is already working on undoing Indian Constitution sec 35A, which agrees to the principle of Kashmir for
Kashmiris. Google it and you would be surprised.

With that Mahraja Modi would conquer Kashmir from Kashmiris for Hindus. Kashmiris would unfortunately end up in refugees camps like Palestinians, and would have to struggle for generations to go back to their homes.

For Israel it would be a phenomenal win as they would have the largest democracy in the world by their side as a partner in crime!

Israel provides most of the weapons to Maynamar and the military there did the same thing with Rohingas.

Pakistan would make noise but what difference that would make. Indians would say we have to deal with terrorist activity in our country and yes there are internally displaced people in Kashmir on border with Pakistan; and if Pakistan is concerned about them they should take them, because the people want to be Pakistani anyways and shout Pakistan Zindabad all day long.

What Pakistan would be left with is another 3/4 million refugees. Most likely they would be in AJK and Punjab because of language and ethnic ties.

Western provinces hosted Afghan refugees and it was a struggle for all of us and we all suffered. Time would tell how welcoming and generous Punjab is going to be and whether they would be willing to share their food with millions showing up in their cities and towns and villages.

The world would make noise but in the end nothing would happen just like refugees from Palestine living in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria etc for over 70 yrs. Afghans living among us for almost 40 yrs. Rohingas and Syrians and Iraqis and so on.

The difference in all of the above scenarios is Pakistan is a nuclear country and has professional army.

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